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The Master of Ravens

This idea came to me when I remembered how cool those evil racist dudes from Bioshock Infinite looked. You could probably have a couple nights of D&D with this concept.

A druid in the nearby wood has become a master of birds. The crows, ravens, and magpies alike are drawn to them. Multiple hunters have been found with their eyes pecked out, their throats torn open. Most mysteriously, though, are those who return complaining of being surrounded by crows that nobody can see.

The Master of Ravensis a pitiful druid broken off from their tribe. The Master encountered a strange group of corvids in the recent months, and has formed a strange sort of bond with them. The bond is honest and genuine, and the ravens are not evil by nature. Perhaps not even the druid truly is.

They carry a huge birdcage filled with up to 20 ravens at any given time. The cage rattles and shifts on their hunched back.

If confronted, The Master opens the cage doors and commands the ravens to fly not at, but past …

Lies Your Players Will Hear About Orcs

Orcs as savage brutes are cool, whatever. I think there's a dimension of complexity to that portrayal that goes unnoticed. They’re the classical fear of mankind... that we're just some decent architecture and a few fancy machines from being violent and superstitious boogeymen that expand our territory over everything and reject outsiders. The orcs barbarism makes them effective as stormtroopers, and perhaps a sort of "how different are you, really?" angle if you want to take your game in that direction. If you think your players would like that angle, go for it.

A common argument against this portrayal is that it closely resembles imperial propaganda about Africans, Vietnamese, Muslims, etc. I would say that if your players aren't already evil racist fucks, your D&D game won't change their mind, but I digress.
If you're looking for a way to put your orcs in a more classically Romantic setting, here are some lies about orcs your players will hear, and ma…